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Last Updated: September 30th, 2016

Airpush uses cookies on its website and in its advertising products. Cookies are small text files located in browser directories. Websites use cookies for many purposes, including monitoring their website or tracking visitors. Cookies are important for Airpush because they allow us to do things such as understand how effective our marketing is, track advertising clicks, and determine whether an ad is relevant to you.

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For cookies on Airpush controlled or operated websites:

Type of Cookie Served By Purpose
Analytics (3rd party) Google Analytics (click here to opt out)

Google AdWords Conversion

These cookies help us understand how our site performs and how effective our marketing is.

You may find these cookies outside of the Airpush site on other Airpush-controlled sites, including:



The following cookies are Airpush cookies within our ad products.

guid This cookie has a randomly generated unique ID and is used for ad serving, ad measurement, and payment for ads.
Airpush optout This cookie is set when a user chooses to opt-out of mobile web interest-based ads.


You can choose to accept or reject cookies through your browser settings. Some browsers even allow you to choose which sites you would like to accept cookies from. If you would like more information on how to manage cookies, visit online resources, such as:

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Mobile Cookies

These third party sites are not controlled by Airpush and Airpush has no control over their privacy practices, so we encourage you to read their privacy policy and proceed with caution.

For more information on our data practices, visit:

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Current product
Data monetization without the use of ads
Monetize pirated installation of your apps