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Airpush has re-invented the way mobile publishers earn money with their apps. With heavy emphasis on the user experience, Airpush provides creative formats that monetize the user both within and outside of the app experience.

Widget X
Push Notification
Rich Media
Landing Page (Mobile Web)
In-App Banners
Abstract banners
Widget X
Widget X is a new smart ad format that helps publishers to start generating new ad revenue with minimum efforts and no impact on user experience. Being displayed as a compact noticeable icon, Widget X contains several large ad formats and is able to choose the best one to show on a particular device saving you time and efforts on integration.
ECPM: $2.4
Highest Global Fill Rates
Any ad network can fill the easy countries like U.S and UK, but what about the more difficult countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America? Airpush developers have the benefit of a large, distributed global sales team which reaches all corners of the earth. This delivers significantly higher fill rates and eCPM’s for developers, even if your app has large pockets of traffic in Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets.

What Developers Say About Airpush

“Airpush has been one of our top ad providers for more than 4 years, always providing the highest CPM. Beyond that, we love working with Airpush because of the great team behind, always willing to help and grow together.”
“We have been working with Airpush for many years and never regret about our choice. They always provide high quality ads for our traffic, good fill rate and CPM, therefore we always get the highest possible revenue.”
“Airpush has allowed me to quit my job and do apps full time.”
“They almost doubled my daily revenue so I highly recommend trying 360 with Abstract Banners by Airpush. ”

Supported Payment Types

We help mobile developers secure the future of their apps and ensure they get access to their revenue quickly. Airpush supports a variety of payment solutions and pays weekly.

Seamless Integration

Coming soon: an entirely new way to implement the Airpush SDK
Automatic Integration
You upload an APK file with your app into the Airpush dashboard
Click "Integrate"
Receive an APK file back that includes the Airpush SDK fully integrated
Support for more plugins coming soon!

Publisher Dashboard


The Airpush developer portal allows you to view near real-time stats on traffic and earnings across all ad formats, allowing deep dives into your data to see what is and isn't working.

Developer Resources

Our collection of resources is designed around mobile publishers looking to get the most out of the Airpush platform. View case studies, download whitepapers, and access our API documentation for advanced integration.
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