Airpush Announces Strategic Partnership with Papyrus

Airpush Oct 15 Article

Airpush is excited to announce a brand new partnership, and pilot integration, with Papyrus — an innovative organization that’s developing the world’s first decentralized and highly scalable ecosystem for digital advertising.

The comprehensive system aims to bring together users, publishers, advertisers, and developers of decentralized applications (dApps) in an efficient, transparent and mutually beneficial environment. Papyrus’s architecture and token economy will allow publishers and SSPs to become a part of a decentralized advertising market where they can increase their revenue. With Papyrus, they’ll be able to prove the quality of traffic by referring to the blockchain-linked aggregated history data and receive payments with fewer costs on intermediaries.

How does Airpush play a role? We have been fighting fraudulent traffic, striving for transparency, protecting the interests of advertisers and publishers, and enabling the latter to monetize collected user data for over 7 years. The collaboration with Papyrus will help both companies research new technologies in order to combat these and other problems facing the mobile advertising ecosystem.

To learn more about Papyrus and their vision for a decentralized advertising ecosystem, read the in-depth whitepaper located here.

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