Maturation of Mobile

Toya Brown-Riberdy Aug 13 Article

Have you been keeping up with Mobile and its growing trends? If so, you will know that the landscape is ever changing and maturing. New game changers and players in the market are few and far between, but with this shift, we have seen much maturation.  

Ad networks such as Applovin are taking the plunge, but the biggest showcase of the growth the industry has made and how we are taking it to the next level is the addition of streaming services in the ad space! Roku recently announced they will be creating their own ad platform called Roku Ad Insights! This space will allow brands to measure their effectiveness, which has some people anticipating their soon to be control of the television ad network.

Television streaming now has a direct relation to mobile due to most streaming users doing so through a mobile device via phone or tablet. This leads us to believe traditional mobile has begun to bleed into TV. Deloitte’s 2018 Digital Media Trends Survey, found that 55% of U.S. households now subscribe to at least one video-streaming service. Also, 95% of American own a cellphone and 77% own a smartphone. The opportunity for TV on mobile devices is larger than ever! Soon you will have UA managers bidding and looking for users outside of your typical gaming or traditional apps. Streaming users are gold in this growing market! They are on the leading edge of the tech revolution and have succumb to the fact that independence from traditional cable comes with a price. That price in this case, equal ads!

Mobile gaming is on record pace to rise to $72.3 billion, nearly a 200% increase in 6 years (according to Newzoo), which equates to huge budgets and $$$.

Roku is just the beginning but we should be shocked just look at FAN!

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