Why Blog? The Powerful Benefits of Blogging for Your Business

Jane Belenkaya Jul 21 Article

In today’s digital marketplace, blogging is an undeniable asset for building brand awareness, displaying a business’s expertise, and creating valuable experiences target audiences. That’s the official version.

Now, why we at Airpush REALLY start investing our time in it? For the past 7 years we grew from 20 developers into a company that heads towards IPO, has subsidiaries in US, Shanghai and India. Despite rocket-growing figures — from number of countries to number of products, we still treat our company as our own kid. And what do you do, as a parent, not to forget every single step your kid makes, every bruise he gets and every school award he achieves? Right, you document it — albums, voice memos, year books, print-outs and sometimes even first pair of shoes. So, welcome to our family memories.

Now, back to boring staff for a while.

Why Bother with Blogging?

Another cool (even-though not unique anymore) thing about us — we are a fully remote company, with teams distributed in 8 time-zones and 16 countries, with all its perks, innovations and pains. In the blog we will share our daily life- how we cope with loneliness and make sure people who never saw each other become teams, can there be a corporate culture in virtual reality, why some products we build succeed and some not, how technology can both help and distract.

We start this blog to think out loud and to share our experiences to those out there, vouching for remote, mobile and free world.

And whatsup out there in the world?

Today there are zillion tones of books, case studies, YouTube videos and data in all imaginable forms, shapes and volume, explaining you what to do and how to sell whatever you sell better, more, quicker and fancier. Zappos and Amazon, Zapier, IBM, Apple, WholeFoods, Virgin, Facebook Newsroom, you name it — are in a race for not only selling you the product but selling you the brand. We are all brand adapts ( or, I would rater say, addicts) in everywhere we go in our life- from shoes to headache pills. In our small village called IT, your favourite brand is as well the place you want to work for. Not a brainer, but we are not a Facebook or Amazon too. Yet. To become one, you need the best people you can find on a market today. To welcome them on a dark side, your company should have a story to tell and to share.

Blogging as we see it now thought might now live long. It is already taking all sorts of other forms, readable by the audience with a very short span of attention. As I read at Linor Goralik’s blog — “if we were asked to formulate the main marketing, it probably would have been: we are not interesting to anyone. It is very difficult to imagine a person who is ready to read the corporate news of a company producing kitchen equipment on Facebook every day with interest, just because he had the pleasure of recently buying a microwave.

No matter how much we like the new pair of sneakers, the rearrangements in the Nike management simply will not stay in our tape — we will not like them and they will “disappear” (Nike, to its credit, will never post anything like it in its Facebook) . We believe that the secret of a good read is simple: noting can attract a fellow-minder better than an honest conversation and self-consciousness

So, what’s next?

The good book says that in order to gain an audience’s trust, one needs to establish itself as a thought leader and expert in their field. But as we wrote in the beginning, we don’t want to do what we are able to, we want to do what we are interested in. We won’t tell you how to bring more impressions to your ad banner (hmm, maybe a good idea though), we will talk on small and big steps everyone in our team — from a techops engineer to HR takes to bring you this impression.

Stay tuned!

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