Airpush delivers high levels of engagement at 8% below target CPA

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Challenge: In February, wanted to run a two-week campaign to increase SMS opt-ins from consumers in order to drive traffic during the height of apartment rental season. To accomplish this goal, relied on Airpush to help create a successful strategy with a 24-hour turnaround time.

Solution: At the time, the target cost per acquisition (CPA) was set at $3.00. Airpush developed a mobile click-to-SMS campaign in order drive opt-ins to the database, generating opportunities today, as well as increasing potential consumers for future SMS engagement.

Results: Despite launching in under 24 hours, the marketing team was very pleased to have worked with Airpush, stating that this campaign was the easiest they had ever implemented. It ran seamlessly, outperforming’s previous campaigns with other mobile ad networks. Total opt-ins from the campaign was 5,453, which when de-duped with’s internal CRM system, turned out to be 86% net-new clients. The click through rate on the confirmation link was a notable 41%, unsubscribe rates were below 1% and there were more than 2,000 visits to the website, demonstrating the extremely engaged nature of these mobile users. At the end of the campaign, the CPA averaged $2.75, saving 25 cents on each new acquisition and resulting in one of the highest ROIs in the company’s history. After this stellar performance by Airpush, is planning a new campaign to generate downloads of their mobile app.

Airpush exceeded expectations in every aspect of planning, execution and delivery of results, proving to that Airpush is the go-to mobile ad network for industry-leading success.

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