Airpush drives growth of new app by producing 3-5x more app downloads than any other network

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Challenge: TableCard, a new app that allows users to check-in at their favorite restaurants to receive a discount, launched in late 2012 in targeted cities throughout the US. The founders knew that the first few months after launch would be critical for driving adoption, growing their reputation among mobile users and building the word of mouth that would create organic growth for years to come. Because the unique geographic and behavioral aspects of their app required a truly advanced set of tools, they began a search to identify the top mobile advertising networks in the world in terms of scale and reach, but also in terms of targeting and revenue optimizing technology.

Solution: TableCard’s founders did a comprehensive search of the options available in the mobile advertising industry, and decided to launch a campaign that ran on many of the top ad networks in the industry, including Admob, Millennial Media and Airpush. At Airpush, TableCard was assigned to a team of seasoned mobile advertising experts who guided them through the easy account setup process and provided award winning support so that they could quickly optimize the creative, targeting and reporting.

Results: In only a few short days, TableCard realized that Airpush was outperforming all other mobile ad networks in terms of traffic, conversion rates and overall engagement of users. Airpush also resulted in the lowest CPI (Cost-per-Install) of any of the top mobile ad networks used in the launch. To achieve these impressive results TableCard leveraged Airpush’s innovative and industry-leading mobile ad formats, including Push Notification, AppWall, Dialog and Icon Ads. The combination of advanced formats allowed TableCard to reach opted-in users in a variety of ways — shifting away from overused in-app banners that interrupt user engagement. Airpush’s geographic targeting capabilities also dramatically outperformed the rest of the mobile ad networks, allowing TableCard to send ads to users who’s precise locations made them the most likely to respond to offers in real-world locations. This advanced technology also allows TableCard to accurately plan and roll out growth plans in new markets with virtually zero wasted budget; an essential component of expansion plans of any small organization with plans of heavy growth into the future.

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