Airpush’s Bundle 2 SDK helps developer earn 80% of revenue from 3rd party app stores

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Challenge: WackiApps was founded in 2011, immediately finding success producing quality Android apps of all kinds, including wallpaper, trivia and games. The open nature of the Android platform allowed them to grow quickly and reinvest early earnings in order to propel the business’s growth even faster. Unfortunately, as the platform evolved, limitations were placed on the monetization strategies that were permitted through apps downloaded through the Google™ Play Store.

Solution: WackiApps was aware that with tightening developer guidelines, it was going to become increasingly important to publish different versions of apps for the Play Store and the large variety of 3rd party app stores available to Android users. WackiApps quickly integrated Airpush’s Bundle 2 SDK into their consumer downloads, because it’s specifically designed to maximize earnings from apps published on stores other than Google Play.

Results: WackiApps immediately saw dramatically increased earnings from using Airpush’s Bundle 2 SDK, especially from app categories that have historically been difficult to monetize, such as wallpapers. The strategy was so successful that the earnings from 3rd party app stores quickly grew to become over 80% of the growing company’s overall revenue. This enabled WackiApps to continue its rapid growth, which has included growing its internal team of developers as well as expanding its marketing team and budgets.

The strategy has been so successful, that it has resulted in a pivot to the company’s overall strategy. In addition to designing, launching and marketing some of the world’s premier mobile apps, WackiApps focuses on finding the best traffic throughout the world and maximizing its potential. Recently, this resulted in a huge win for the company, with them launching and monetizing the top trivia app within one of Android’s most popular categories.

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