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Challenge: As the world’s largest open app marketplace, Appia is committed to providing its developers and content creators with the best resources and opportunities for distributing and monetizing their work. In late 2011, Appia designed a strategic growth plan that included integration with the top mobile ad networks in the world,including Airpush.

Solution: 2012 began with Appia deploying a broad range of Airpush’s innovative ad formats- mixing Home Screen Notifications, Mobile App Walls, and In-App Interstitials – to increase app monetization for the 32,000 developers who market and distribute their creations through the Appia Network. By joining the Appia marketplace, Airpush’s productivity was set in direct competition with other ad networks, both in the amount of traffic generated and the lifetime value that it generated.

Results: The Airpush network’s industry leading ad formats delivered exceptional results for Appia as soon as it was launched in the marketplace. Airpush consistently produced a 38% better CTR than their current network, sometimes higher. Even more importantly than traffic, Airpush was able to produce much higher engagement than the dozen other ad networks that were included in the marketplace, resulting in a dramatically higher LTV and ROI. Appia now counts Airpush among the most important strategic partners and considers their award-winning support team to be an extension of their own company. New campaigns are planned out as a collaboration between the two groups and Appia has complete visibility and control of their productivity via Airpush’s industry leading SaaS portal. Appia’s 2012 growth plans were a resounding success, with hockey stick growth throughout the year that took it from 1 million to 16 million users in less than 12 months. Appia now delivers more than 25 million downloads per month to consumers in 175 countries and Airpush is considered to be one of the main reasons for this success.

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