Coca-Cola generates 10.6% CTR and 2% conversion rate with Airpush

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Challenge: Coca-Cola’s “Reasons to Believe” global campaign highlights that the good in today’s world outweighs the bad and features a local slant for each country where the campaign runs. Universal-McCann and Turn Digital in Romania teamed up for the first time to extend the campaign to the mobile channel in Romania. The agencies turned to Airpush to reach Coca-Cola’s target  market with the goal of having the audience download the “Coca-Cola Reasons to Believe” app customized specifically for Romania. Airpush worked closely with Coca-Cola and its advertising agencies to configure a mix of geographic targeting and advertising formats to reach mobile users and achieve the highest app download results and return on investment.

Solution: Airpush’s team of mobile advertising specialists prepared a mobile campaign using their geo-targeting technology for the entire country of Romania along with Central and Eastern Europe. Further targeting included devices using Android 2.3 and up so they could best support the app as well as teenagers, which are the demographic sweet spot for Coca-Cola.

Results: Universal-McCann and Turn Digital were so impressed with the exceptional results of the campaign that Airpush executed for Coca-Cola that after the initial campaign run from October 31 to November 30, a second ad flight was added from December 6 to December 16. With state-of-the-art geo targeting capabilities and a variety of ad formats to choose from, Airpush mobile ad professionals developed a stellar campaign generating an amazing 10.6% clickthrough rate and industry leading 2% conversion rate. Airpush’s revolutionary targeting and delivery technology is setting new industry success standards for their clients. With results that exceed expectations and impress heavy-hitters including Coca-Cola and their worldwide ad agencies, Airpush continues to prove that it’s truly the world’s best mobile ad network.

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