Advertising and Monetizing with Push Notifications

Push Notifications are a well-known and utilized marketing tool to help with re-engagement of apps on a user’s device. These ads are also a significant revenue source for app developers and website owners as it allows them to monetize inactive users.  

According to the Localytics Data Team, Push Notifications boosts app engagement by 88%. They also found 50% of users will opt into Push Notifications and find them beneficial to their user experience.

What is not as well known, is that all types of advertisers including brands, direct response, user acquisition, native and search content have utilized Push Notifications due to the high viewability, clicks and overall performance they provide. Push Notifications provide higher retention and engagements rates as well as assist in increasing overall ROI.

This format has traditionally worked extremely well for advertisers because it allows a user to view the ad and interact with it at their convenience.  Unlike traditional ads that disappear after a few seconds, or minutes, Push Notification ads allows the user to interact with the ad at their convenience. A push ad can reside in the notification tray for hours, so a user can view and interact with the ad when most convenient for them.

Traditional display ads can only be seen when a user opens an app or visits a domain, but Push Notifications allow for incremental monetization opportunity to reach inactive users as the ads are displayed on the device itself.

There are many distribution versions available to display a push notification to a user. Most users may not realize this, as the user’s experience will remain the same for all versions of Push Notifications.

  1. App Developers can deliver a Push Notification to their users via an SDK
  2. Website owners deliver Push Notifications via the Chrome browser to a user’s device
  3. Manufacturers (OEM) and Carriers (Telco) also send Push Notifications to their users

Each of these versions has an opt-in audience, and a user can also opt-out of push notifications at anytime via their notification settings.

Airpush has disrupted this space since 2011, by being the first in the industry to deliver ads within the notification tray.  All versions mentioned above are available via the Airpush platform to reach users globally.

Coca-Cola generates 10.6% CTR and 2% conversion rate with Airpush

Challenge: Coca-Cola’s “Reasons to Believe” global campaign highlights that the good in today’s world outweighs the bad and features a local slant for each country where the campaign runs. Universal-McCann and Turn Digital in Romania teamed up for the first time to extend the campaign to the mobile channel in Romania. The agencies turned to Airpush to reach Coca-Cola’s target  market with the goal of having the audience download the “Coca-Cola Reasons to Believe” app customized specifically for Romania. Airpush worked closely with Coca-Cola and its advertising agencies to configure a mix of geographic targeting and advertising formats to reach mobile users and achieve the highest app download results and return on investment.

Solution: Airpush’s team of mobile advertising specialists prepared a mobile campaign using their geo-targeting technology for the entire country of Romania along with Central and Eastern Europe. Further targeting included devices using Android 2.3 and up so they could best support the app as well as teenagers, which are the demographic sweet spot for Coca-Cola.

Results: Universal-McCann and Turn Digital were so impressed with the exceptional results of the campaign that Airpush executed for Coca-Cola that after the initial campaign run from October 31 to November 30, a second ad flight was added from December 6 to December 16. With state-of-the-art geo targeting capabilities and a variety of ad formats to choose from, Airpush mobile ad professionals developed a stellar campaign generating an amazing 10.6% clickthrough rate and industry leading 2% conversion rate. Airpush’s revolutionary targeting and delivery technology is setting new industry success standards for their clients. With results that exceed expectations and impress heavy-hitters including Coca-Cola and their worldwide ad agencies, Airpush continues to prove that it’s truly the world’s best mobile ad network.

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Appia sees more than 84MM+ clicks using Airpush

Challenge: As the world’s largest open app marketplace, Appia is committed to providing its developers and content creators with the best resources and opportunities for distributing and monetizing their work. In late 2011, Appia designed a strategic growth plan that included integration with the top mobile ad networks in the world,including Airpush.

Solution: 2012 began with Appia deploying a broad range of Airpush’s innovative ad formats- mixing Home Screen Notifications, Mobile App Walls, and In-App Interstitials – to increase app monetization for the 32,000 developers who market and distribute their creations through the Appia Network. By joining the Appia marketplace, Airpush’s productivity was set in direct competition with other ad networks, both in the amount of traffic generated and the lifetime value that it generated.

Results: The Airpush network’s industry leading ad formats delivered exceptional results for Appia as soon as it was launched in the marketplace. Airpush consistently produced a 38% better CTR than their current network, sometimes higher. Even more importantly than traffic, Airpush was able to produce much higher engagement than the dozen other ad networks that were included in the marketplace, resulting in a dramatically higher LTV and ROI. Appia now counts Airpush among the most important strategic partners and considers their award-winning support team to be an extension of their own company. New campaigns are planned out as a collaboration between the two groups and Appia has complete visibility and control of their productivity via Airpush’s industry leading SaaS portal. Appia’s 2012 growth plans were a resounding success, with hockey stick growth throughout the year that took it from 1 million to 16 million users in less than 12 months. Appia now delivers more than 25 million downloads per month to consumers in 175 countries and Airpush is considered to be one of the main reasons for this success.

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Airpush delivers high levels of engagement at 8% below target CPA

Challenge: In February, wanted to run a two-week campaign to increase SMS opt-ins from consumers in order to drive traffic during the height of apartment rental season. To accomplish this goal, relied on Airpush to help create a successful strategy with a 24-hour turnaround time.

Solution: At the time, the target cost per acquisition (CPA) was set at $3.00. Airpush developed a mobile click-to-SMS campaign in order drive opt-ins to the database, generating opportunities today, as well as increasing potential consumers for future SMS engagement.

Results: Despite launching in under 24 hours, the marketing team was very pleased to have worked with Airpush, stating that this campaign was the easiest they had ever implemented. It ran seamlessly, outperforming’s previous campaigns with other mobile ad networks. Total opt-ins from the campaign was 5,453, which when de-duped with’s internal CRM system, turned out to be 86% net-new clients. The click through rate on the confirmation link was a notable 41%, unsubscribe rates were below 1% and there were more than 2,000 visits to the website, demonstrating the extremely engaged nature of these mobile users. At the end of the campaign, the CPA averaged $2.75, saving 25 cents on each new acquisition and resulting in one of the highest ROIs in the company’s history. After this stellar performance by Airpush, is planning a new campaign to generate downloads of their mobile app.

Airpush exceeded expectations in every aspect of planning, execution and delivery of results, proving to that Airpush is the go-to mobile ad network for industry-leading success.

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Airpush delivers nearly 80% brand lift on a nationwide campaign for Stand Up To Cancer

Challenge: Stand Up To Cancer’s mission is to raise funds to accelerate the pace of groundbreaking research that can get new therapies to patients quickly and save lives now. In order to do this, the organization consistently launches media campaigns of virtually all kinds, driving awareness of programs and donations to researchers who combat the disease. SU2C planned their Kiss Cancer Goodbye campaign for the weeks leading up to Valentines Day, attempting to drive mobile users to share a kiss pic on social media and drive viral awareness of their initiatives.

Solution: When planning their Kiss Cancer Goodbye campaign, Stand Up To Cancer turned to Airpush as a key partner for driving brand awareness, social media sharing and an overall increase in donations to the mobile users throughout the country. Airpush’s creative services team designed a suite of their advanced Abstract Banners, which displayed SU2C’s videos within HTML5 engaging banners to drive heavy user engagement. Airpush’s experienced media planners also prepared a targeted, comprehensive campaign to run on the network’s 450,000,000 user network.

Results: Millward Brown Digital was contracted to do an independent, verifiable study on how the campaign impacted consumer sentiment and likelihood to donate for the mobile users that received the campaign. This included a survey submitted by both control and exposed groups who had only seen the ad. The results were extremely impressive, exceeding the expectations of the client.

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